I've become addicted to "A"s (I've gone back to college), love eating and cooking everything but goat cheese, I always try to please everyone and laugh without wetting myself or snorting. I love reading and keeping up with current events, I value my friends. And most especially, I'm a proud mother of four and an excessively proud grandmother of five.

Friday, January 24, 2014

I've got to get back into the mood to write......

Where to start?  Since I learned about Facebook, I've been posting on there so I can see what my granddaughters are up to, since I don't think they read my blog.

After my little grandson, Michael, was born, I got so busy with him that everything else dropped by the wayside.  He is now 5 1/2 years old and is in Kindergarten.  He is gigantic--over 4 feet tall and 80 pounds--the biggest kid in his class.  We were lucky enough to receive a few inches of much anticipated snow, and Michael has been so excited that he's been sneaking out into the backyard while the rest of us are still sound asleep...4am on Wednesday, and about 5:30 yesterday MORNING.  In his pajamas and flip-flops.  We awoke to a tapping sound, and opened the curtain to see him outside our window knocking down icicles off the rain gutters with a tiki torch.  We made him come in and dress properly.  Since then he has been in and out so many times that there's a trail of melted snow from the door to the bathroom, the door to the refrigerator, and the door to his bedroom shelves of toys.  I told him I was afraid he'd get too cold and that he ought to take a hot cocoa break.  In the most condescending manner possible, he patted my arm gently, smiled sweetly, batted his eyes, and in the sweetest voice he could muster said, "Now Grandma, just don't you worry your pretty little head about that!  I'll wear double hats, and when I'm ready you can make me cocoa with double buh bye!"

Approaching 4 years of breast-cancer free on February 2nd.  Preparing for my Boobtastic Fiesta.  My oldest baby turns 45 in a few days, baby number two turns 43 in March.  Oldest granddaughter, Sarah, graduates from high school in June, and was accepted at Old Dominion University--she will be living on campus, but this will be the closest we've lived together since she was five.  Our whole family here is so excited that we are almost in tears.

We adopted a retired show dog a year ago last summer...a female Tibetan spaniel.  She is sweet and beautiful, and immediately made herself the queen of our home.

Not feeling particularly talkative today--suffering from lack of sleep, as you can imagine, but I know the snow will be melted in a couple of days, and Michael will have to wait another year for another chance for the freezy kid stuff.

We've been watching Downton Abbey on PBS.  I love the lamps.


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